Making Serious Fun.

We make serious, boring things understandable—and a lot more fun.

Black & White Zebra is an indie digital media publishing company based in Vancouver BC. We got our start in 2011 as The Digital Project Manager blog, founded by our CEO Ben Aston.

Every day, we venture out into the wilds of the internet to cultivate spaces for online tribes to form and to share thought leadership in emerging digital disciplines.

We create platforms for digital thought leadership to help people and organizations succeed. We do that with content that works:
It informs, educates & converts. It’s content with purpose.

In the evolving landscape of digital work, we’re ditching the textbook and writing the playbook on how we plan, produce, and publish digital media. We’re serious about being truthful and authentic, and about having a good time.

In short: we build digital tribes and make serious digital stuff fun.

The Digital Project Manager

Founded in 2011, The Digital Project Manager has become the leading online resource for digital project managers. It comprises a podcast, online events like webinars and workshops, a membership community, and blog with how-to guides, tips, tricks, tools, and project management funnies.

Quick facts:

  • 146% audience growth in 2020
  • 10% average audience growth/month
  • 500,000+ page views/month
  • 30,000+ newsletter subscribers
  • 850+ members in DPM Membership

Our Latest Projects

Here’s what else we’ve got going on…

Meet The Zebras

Here’s the dazzle (and yes, look it up – that’s actually the word for a group of zebras)

Ben Aston

Big Business

Leader and mentor of the team. In charge of bits and bobs. Vision driver. Idea generator (stuck on turbo). Limitless enthusiasm for experimentation. An unshakeable belief in what could be.



Results-driven. Master of strategic planning. The only kool kat in the office. Knows what’s good. Rational thinker with a balanced perspective. Irish charm. Good craic. Powerful negotiator with a heart of gold.



Thought organizer. Language lover. Multi-disciplinary creative. Scripts, articles, pitches, doctor’s notes, love letters—you name it. High-spirited, ambitious creator. Knows enough to be a little bit dangerous.



The Glue. Imaginative problem solver. Unconventional and analytical thinker. Office Buddha. Thoughtful collaborator. Talented designer. Talented photographer. Talented everything. Professional snack eater.

Alyson Taylor


People person who brings energy and charm to whatever she does. Tastefully sarcastic avocado lover. Big smiles. Talks fast, runs even faster.

Becca Banyard


Asker of all questions, and catcher of all details. Office bugler and organizer extraordinaire. Has opinions, makes them known. Has office slippers, makes them known. Food critic.

Where You Can Find Us

Black & White Zebra
228 W 5th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1J4