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How the zebra earnt its black and white stripes

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A question we’re often (ish) asked is; “Why are you called ‘Black & White’ Zebra – aren’t all zebras black and white?”

For now, until we come up with a better answer, the answer to that is “Yes”.

But the more interesting question is, why do zebras have black and white stripes at all?

Researchers from Hungary and Sweden claim to have solved the mystery. According to their report in the Journal of Experimental Biology (something I often find myself reading in my spare time), the black and white stripes were created to keep away blood-sucking flies.

They report that this pattern of narrow stripes makes zebras “unattractive” to the flies as the striped patterns reflect light.

You can read the full report in the Journal of Experimental Biology here and if that makes no sense, see what Aunty Beeb had to say about it here.

It should all be black and white now.


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